Jet Perspectives is honored to have worked for some of the world’s largest companies and entrepreneurial elite. Over the past few years, Bob Zuskin has spoken at Falcon Jet’s Aviation Professionals Conference as well as at the Equipment Leasing Association’ s annual conference.

Since 1999, some of our notable assignments have included:

  • For a major leasing company, Jet Perspectives appraised the portfolio of an acquisition target providing both current values and future values of a host of corporate aircraft. The final report was internally reproduced and provided to the staff of the leasing company as a market primer.

  • On behalf of an engine manufacturer, Jet Perspectives provided expert testimony relating to the value of an aircraft which had suffered multiple in-flight engine shutdowns.

  • Retained by the Prime Minister of an Asian country to provide impartial opinion regarding the value of his personal Gulfstream.

  • Numerous assignments relating to the possible loss of value due to maintenance issues, incidents of damage and other events which could diminish the value of an aircraft.

  • Retained by individuals and companies who were seeking to exit fractional ownership programs and who required an impartial opinion as to the value of their share. In virtually every case, the involvement of Jet Perspectives led to increased payouts.

  • Hired by partners to establish an equitable Fair Market Value for the purpose of dissolving the partnership.

  • For a major airframe manufacturer, market analysis and future value projections of their line of aircraft.