Aviation Appraisals

Appraisal experience cannot be gained from taking a class and passing a test. Corporate aircraft represent multi-million dollar assets and an accurate appraisal requires more than just an academic “Ivory Tower” approach. Experience trumps certification, every time.

Considerations such as: What else is for sale? What are the asking prices and perhaps more importantly, what are the realistic expectations of the sellers? What other similarly situated aircraft have sold and for how much? Where is the market going and why?

Appraisal Report

The appraisal reports provided by Jet Perspectives focus on the answers to these questions and more. Each customized report provides a history of the model under consideration, explains the competitive marketplace, and provides the type of market details that brokers and dealers use in their business every day to make their own informed purchase and sales decisions. No other aircraft appraisal company provides the same level of market detail and it is that depth of experience and market knowledge which distinguishes Jet Perspectives in the profession.

Jet Perspectives fully understands that the value of a corporate aircraft is a function not only of basic market forces (e.g. supply and demand) but also of other extraneous factors. These include such items as an aircraft’s age, hours, demographics and caliber of owners, aircraft location, maintenance practices, completeness and level of documentation, and whether or not the aircraft has suffered any damage, major or minor. Collectively, these items create an aircraft’s “pedigree” which has a material impact on its value and marketability. These factors must be weighed on a case by case basis.

Jet Perspectives is exclusively focused upon corporate aircraft. This specialized focus greatly benefits our clients. We do what we know best.